July Volunteers

Head Usher: Mark Carman
Altar Guild: Ila Johnson / Pam Persons
Communion Assistant: Ila Johnson

Date Acolytes Ushers Lector Greeters Worship
JULY 1 Caleb George
Hunter Dimick
Jerry & Dorothy
Jennifer Skifter Eleanor
Dorothy Jacobson
Eric & Sara Lee
JULY 8 Ashton Persons
McKenna Hendrickson
Dan & Leslie
Hendrickson Family
Marilyn Calkins Ann Brandt
Irene Jones
Angela Ludemann
Blake Ludemann
JULY 15 Connor Munson
Mackenzie George
Stacy Jech
Max Jech
Blake Ludemann Rollie Buschmann
Pat Lester
Paul & Pam Persons
JULY 22 Cameron Nesbitt
Kendyl Queensland
Eric & Sara Lee
Dillon Denisen Don & Marilyn Calkins Eric & Sara Lee
JULY 29 Cayden Reed
Jennifer Skifter
Herman & Linda Freese Caleb George Daryl & Arvilla
Angela Ludemann
Blake Ludemann

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