Pastor’s Message

This is the time of year for family gatherings.

This time of year there are graduation parties to attend. Families gather to celebrate this major mile-stone in the life of their child. Garages, that have never been cleaner, are filled with food, oodles of pictures and generations of family members gather to celebrate.

In my life, I am looking forward to two very different family gatherings. Thanks to a cousin there will be a long-awaited family gathering on my father’s side. At the tail end of the 1800’s, in South Dakota, John & Emma Kuhlman and Emil & Pauline Mischke (all my paternal great-grand-parents) each had a passel of children. The marriage of my grand-parents Leona Mischke and Ernest Kuhlman was not the only one celebrated between the two families. In July an abundance of descendants of these two couples will gather on a farm in Minnesota to celebrate our shared history, meet relatives we’ve never met and figure out how we are all connected. The second family gathering is being organized by our daughters; a family vacation.

May 20th, families gathered to celebrate the baptism of Avery Lee Johnson. Several generations of relations filled the front pews. On February 9th Avery was born in the world. On May 20th she was born again, this time into the family of believers here at Grand Meadow. Water was splashed on her head here at Grand Meadow Lutheran, but it was God’s words that made her a member of God’s baptized family universal.

I’m guessing it’s been 17 years since Mark and I took a family vacation. Yes, we have been together with our daughters for Christmas and weddings, but those include many other people. The last time when we went on vacation there were five of us. This summer we will be nine; three husbands and a grand-daughter have joined our family in the intervening years. In various ways the families of our son-in-laws have also become part of our family.

I think too small when I say my family is five or nine in size. We think to small when we say family are brothers, nieces, grandparents,  daughters, aunts, sons, grandchildren, sister, uncles and cousins.

We, the abundantly loved children of God, are part of an enormous loving, nurturing, and sustaining family. We can love our great big family, because FIRST we are loved by God. Enjoy your family, all parts of it, this summer.

John 15:9  As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.

Shalom Pastor Marie  AK Anderson



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