Pastor’s Message

Shortly after this issue of the Grand Meadow Newsletter arrives in your home or in-box, it will be Mother’s Day.  Probably that should be MOTHER’S DAY.  If we put aside all the commercialism attached to Mother’s Day there is still plenty of reason to celebrate. We may call it Mother’s Day, but we could just as well call it Mary & Martha Day or Ester Day or Hannah Day.  On Mother’s Day, we Christians are honoring and celebrating the women who have nurtured us in faith using the gifts they have received from God.

We celebrate the kindergarten teachers who welcomed us into classrooms and taught us that we could love and trust more than one woman in our lives, because first we are all loved by God.

We remember the Sunday School teachers and Vacation Bible School leaders who volunteered so many hours to teach us the stories of faith and witnessed to their own faith on a weekly basis, so that we in turn could tell the stories of faith to others.

We honor the various medical professionals who could calm the fears of our parents while bringing health care to us, so that with our healthy bodies we could serve God.

We salute the fire-fighters, law-enforcement officers, driver’s education instructors and soldiers who protect us and teach us how to protect ourselves so that we can in our turn care for the weak, poor, and lonely while assuring them God has never forgotten them.

We respect the instructors and professors who taught and trained us so we could raise and teach another generation of independent, strong women who would teach boys and girls that everyone is loved by God and given skills to be used in God’s world.

On Mother’s Day we thank all the women who have helped us become who we are, People who know they are loved by God, and especially the ones who gave birth to us.

Shalom Pastor Marie  AK Anderson





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