Pastor’s Message

My husband’s father died when Mark was only a few months old.  At the beginning of the week Orin was a strong healthy young farmer. By the beginning of the next week, Polio had killed him.  Even though Mark retained the Anderson name from his father, he grew up as the son of another man, welcomed into another family.

Occasionally we hear from the remaining Anderson family aunts.  (All the uncles have joined Orin)  Over the last 35 years these aunts (growing fewer in number) have reached out to us whenever they plan a family reunion or if one of them is blessed enough to have a majority of their children, grands and great-grands gathered in one place. Even though they have seen Mark, maybe as much as a two dozen times in his life, me less than a dozen times and our daughters less than five times, they welcome us as if we were their long-lost children.  Last month was one of those times. Cousin Lyn called from Wisconsin to let us know that Aunt Ruth has passed into eternal life. Now there is one Anderson aunt left.

I believe this welcome comes to us because they see in Mark and our daughters all the possibilities for life that their dear brother never got to experience. In us they see Orin’s gift of music used in orchestra’s and churches, they hear that one of us likes to ride horses as Orin did, they see that faith and serving is a very important part of our lives as they believe it would have been in Orin’s and in Mark they see Orin as a middle-aged man who has worked hard and been successful in life.

If these aunts and cousins, who know us so little, can love us so much, think how much God who knows us completely can love us.

John 15:9    As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.

Our love for each other is possible and strengthened because the source of all love, GOD, is with us all the time.  We have in God’s love for us the perfect example of forgiveness and patience, the perfect example of love.

We can make the commitment to love our friends and families for a lifetime because we are FIRST loved by God.

Shalom, Pastor Marie


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