Sunday School

Sunday School

Grand Meadow Lutheran Church offers Christian Education for children on Sunday   mornings, after worship, from 10:15-11 a.m., September through May.

Sunday School features SPARK curriculum (, presented in a traditional classroom format   for children age three through Grade 6. All students gather for a large group opening time of singing and learning about the Bible lesson for that week. The lessons follow the Gospel reading from  worship so families have the opportunity to talk about the Bible lesson together. After the opening, kids spend the last half hour in their classrooms learning more about the Bible lesson. Classroom activities range from crafts to drama to videos to share the lesson.

Celebrating birthdays and Giving Offering

We celebrate birthdays and collect offering during the opening time. Birthday girls and boys get to choose a treasure from the birthday box.

Our offerings provide an opportunity to learn about stewardship as  we “stuff the pig.” Thrivent donated piggy banks with separate sections to “save,” “spend,” “invest” and “donate.” It’s a great way to learn about wisely using our financial resources at an early age.

Come join us!

We are overjoyed that our Sunday School continues to grow.  We invite all kids and families in the community to join us as we learn about Jesus.